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LIDAR (3D Laser Scanning)


LIDAR is the latest in field data collection technology. Instead of holding a prism at every point we need, LIDAR sensors spray light beams to all objects in its field of view to collect point data at a desired interval (as little as every few millimeters). This creates a "point cloud" with xyz measurements on every point in the cloud. The point clouds are reconciled with digital photos, and the result is a color 3D model of the project site. We can then choose from a variety of renderings and choose which points and linework will be added to CAD drawings and DTM's.

GdB utilizes a variety of LIDAR techniques. GdB technicians extract the desired data from the point clouds to address your specific project requirements.

  • Stationary LIDAR - The laser scanner is set up on a fixed point tripod that does not move during data collection. GdB uses Stationary LiDAR in high traffic areas where we wouldn't want to send a crew member, for surveying details of structures such as bridges and building faces, and indoors to capture piping, structure, tunnels, walls, etc.
  • Aerial LIDAR - The scanner is mounted on the bottom of an aircraft. GdB utilized Aerial LIDAR to collect topographic data of Rockaway Beach for the reconstruction of the boardwalk that was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.
  • Mobile LIDAR - The scanner is mounted on top of a vehicle and collects data as it drives at speeds up to 60mph. The sensor collects up to 1.2 million points per second. GdB utilizes Mobile LIDAR on a variety of roadway projects for New York City and other municipalities.

Featured LIDAR Projects

Fort Totten Chapel

For this historical building, we used our 3D Laser Scanner to survey the interior and exterior to create architectural drawings. These plans will be used by the Architect to plan and design a historical restoration of the chapel.

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Metro North Retaining Walls

The Gayron de Bruin team provided surveying services for both the Marble Hill and the Port Chester lines of the Metro-North Railroad. For the Marble Hill location local control was established on site. For vertical datum, we used control points provided by Metro North so that our work was readily comparable to historical data. Work also included railroad ROW, and mapping was completed that was suitable for use in preparing a builder’s pavement plan.

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112 West 34th Street, Window Replacement

Whitestone Construction had a contract to replace the curtain wall glass panels on this high rise building. The building has more than 2,700 windows. In order to order the correct window panes, Whitestone needed accurate measurements on each and every window. The GdB team was brought on to do the measurements.

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Van Cortlandt Park Comfort Station

For this project, we provided a utility survey and topographic map of the Van Cortlandt Park comfort station.

The topographic mapping included all site surface features, surface utilities, topographic features, and spot elevations to accurately depict the area. Survey also included exterior building plan information, location of building corners, retaining walls and steps, and building elevation heights.

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The principals and employees at GdB have worked on transportation, environmental, and construction contracts for NYSDOT Regions 10 and 11, the US Army Corps of Engineers, NYC DEP, NYC DOT, NYC DPR, Nassau County, Suffolk County, as well as local Towns and Villages. In the private industry we work for contractors, design professionals, commercial developers and the general public.

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