Drone (sUAS) Services, Gayron de Bruin Land Surveying & Engineering, PC

Drone (sUAS) Services


With two remote pilots on staff, GdB is leading the surveying and mapping industry by embracing drone technology. Low altitude photography, combined with our high-order ground control, creates accurate orthorectified aerial imagery and point clouds. These products can enter GdB's CAD workflows to create traditional topographic maps or be simply hosted on our GIS servers for web accessibility.

Construction progress is monitored over time by repeating drone missions over the same site, in the same control system. GIS web applications allow the user to "swipe" photos on and off, quickly visualizing changes over time. Photographic inspection of roofs, tanks, and equipment is performed safely from the ground quickly and efficiently.

FLIR thermal cameras can be mounted to drone for missions where temperature analysis is required.

The principals and employees at GdB have worked on transportation, environmental, and construction contracts for NYSDOT Regions 10 and 11, the US Army Corps of Engineers, NYC DEP, NYC DOT, NYC DPR, Nassau County, Suffolk County, as well as local Towns and Villages. In the private industry we work for contractors, design professionals, commercial developers and the general public.

Our Certifications:
NY State WBE
Nassau County WBE
Suffolk County WBE