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GIS And Spatial Data Management

GIS And Spatial Data Management

GdB recognizes the value in using GIS to manage all types of spatial data. As the industry becomes more and more digital, there becomes a need to manage this data which requires technical skill and innovation. GdB is developing and customizing applications to manage spatial data for a variety of clients. We use various methods of data collection, including custom software and ArcGIS Online services.

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Featured GIS And Spatial Data Management Projects

Nassau County Outfall Reconnaissance Inventory - Mobile GIS Data Collection

The South Shore of Nassau County makes full use of natural drainage to aid in storm water management. Nassau storm water assets are independent from sanitary and are not subject to wastewater treatment. Under this contract, GdB was hired as a sub-consultant to aid in the Outfall Reconnaissance Inventories (ORI's) of 22 streams and their respective watersheds. GdB's survey team carefully inspected over 1,100 individual drainage outfall structures, documenting condition, presence of illicit discharge, and general stream health.

Gayron de Bruin made full use of custom web-based mobile GIS data collection applications to inspect, document and photograph each outfall. This method allows GdB office management to track progress and communicate with the survey team in real time, without a stop in data collection. Field Data Reports were provided for each Watershed, including maps, datasheets and photographic documentation.

Using the most current set of New York State provided orthophotography, Gayron de Bruin provided an update to each Stream Corridor's geometry alongside our final delivery of outfall inspections.

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SUNY Farmingdale Topographic and Utility Mapping - CAD/GIS Interoperability

The 382 acre campus of Farmingdale State College has a construction history of more than 100 years, but lacked a comprehensive basemap displaying underground utilities. With numerous construction projects underway and many more in pre-design, Farmingdale State College hired GdB to produce a master map for distribution to campus planners, facility managers, and outside consultants.

GdB performed a GPS control survey and procured photogrammetric mapping of the entire campus, including new natural color aerial photography. GdB's survey team field edited the photogrammetry for accuracy and completeness.

Farmingdale supplied a multitude of records for the campus. These records were categorized by building and by date for future reference in GIS. Over 3,500 sheets of construction plans were analyzed for underground utilities and were geo-referenced, allowing GIS users to hyperlink directly to the appropriate PDF. Line work was digitized and reconciled with the existing surface features.

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NYSDOT Mill and Fill Design Services Region 10 - GIS Database Management

As survey sub-consultants on this project, GdB was tasked with managing the data collection of every utility surface feature, pavement marking, curb repair, guiderail repair, and pavement repair for over 30 miles of State roadways including the Meadowbrook and Northern State Parkways. This was all being done on an emergency accelerated time table.

GdB advised the team to utilize the cloud-based GIS environment, ArcGIS Online (AGOL). Survey Teams used Apple iPads running ESRI's Collector application to connect to AGOL and collect data in the field. Five teams of three data collection technicians simultaneously collected features and photos, all live streaming back to the cloud. Office personnel using ESRI's Operations Dashboard could see features and photos being collected live. GdB could also see statistics such as feature counts and percentage of pavement deficiencies that require a full-depth repair.

Once the data collection was complete, the data was downloaded for office processing. GdB assigned payment factors and item numbers to pavement markings, allowing a simple data report to calculate the engineer's estimate. Linear referencing was used to provide location descriptions for thousands of hardware features along each roadway.

It was clear from the beginning of this project that only the use of this advanced GIS technology could have collected such large quantities of data so quickly and in such a format to efficiently process the features into the deliverables required by the State.

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Historical Sewer Research

For this project, GdB was contracted by New York City to provide a general layout of sewers and related assets for each decade, after 1850. In order to complete this task, GdB reached out to various government agencies and historical societies within New York City. Record Plans, Maps, Tax Parcel Assessments, and Sewer Permitting records were collected to conduct research and find an ‘earliest known date’ for each pipe currently in use.

To collect these documents while preserving their condition, photography and scanning methods were created to make high resolution digital replicas. In appreciation for allowing access to these records, GdB shared all digital copies with their respective owners.

Advanced GIS tools were used to create a series of maps which show the sewer build-out as it occurred. Using a time-slider widget, we can show the sewer system as it was being built in a ten year span. This build-out allowed us to perform GIS analysis on features at specific time frames to show how flow through the system has changed over time.

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Fiber Optic Cable Design

In 2004, a nationwide telecommunications company began efforts to design fiber optic cables to every household on Long Island and in New York City. The production goals were extremely ambitious and there were not enough surveyors and engineers available to turn out the designs at a rate that would stay ahead of construction. The Gayron de Bruin team was brought on, not because of our fiber design knowledge, but because of our survey and GIS talents. The client's conventional survey and design process involved paper maps, followed by redline design on paper, then manual entry into their GIS.

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Metro North Storm Drainage GIS

This was a time-is-of-the-essence project to identify and locate all drainage crossings of 37 miles of Metro North rail lines that run parallel and adjacent to the Hudson River. The work scope required delivery in a personal geodatabase format, with multiple photos of each structure hyperlinked to the structure points.

We already had software we developed to digitize photos as arrows in a separate feature class, showing the camera position and orientation, with hyperlinks to the actual photos. For this project, we also designed a custom data entry form so the field crews could capture the appropriate attributes on each structure, with data validation at entry time.

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Nassau County Sewage Treatment Plant Yard Piping

The three sewage treatment plants that service the majority of Nassau County cover 269 acres of land and 140 years of construction history combined. None of the plants had a base map that anyone would call up to date, and the underground utilities remained a mystery; locked away in 12,000 sheets worth of construction drawings and as-builts. Our job was to create an up to date picture of the underground utilities at each plant for use in CAD (3D) and GIS.

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Nassau County Sewer Scanning & Digitizing

The Gayron de Bruin team was contracted to convert 10,000 50'-scale sewer as-built drawings to digital format and scan and digitize 300 200'-scale index drawings.

At the client's office, all drawings were scanned and attribute data was entered in the database. The drawings were sent back to our office each night and were run through our quality control process. The checked files were loaded on the client's server and were accessible, during the life of the project, across their wide area network via a Microsoft Access application.

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Parks GIS

The Town of Oyster Bay maintains 234 parks, beaches and cemeteries, and the list grows each year. It was recognized many years ago that managing all of this property would be made much easier with the use of a GIS.

The Gayron de Bruin team has worked extensively to design and build the Parks GIS. Work began with a needs analysis consisting of interviews of Town personnel, a white paper outlining the design parameters, and a proposed plan of action. From there, we designed a database model to serve the Parks Department well into the future.

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The principals and employees at GdB have worked on transportation, environmental, and construction contracts for NYSDOT Regions 10 and 11, the US Army Corps of Engineers, NYC DEP, NYC DOT, NYC DPR, Nassau County, Suffolk County, as well as local Towns and Villages. In the private industry we work for contractors, design professionals, commercial developers and the general public.

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