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GdB specializes in performing boundary surveys, topographic surveys, utility surveys, hydrographic surveys, and pre-design base mapping on projects of all sizes.

Featured Land Surveying Projects

10 Bridges Rehabilitation

For this project, we provided the pre-design mapping for 10 bridges in Manhattan and the Bronx. Our survey included full topo, utilities, rights-of-way lines, buildings, top, bottom, and facades for each bridge. Some bridges were relatively simple to survey and others required much more innovation in order to collect the data due to high traffic, train tracks, and detailed building entrances. We set control using a combination of GPS, Total Station, and a digital level. In the office, we generated plan views, profiles, and cross sections. We were careful to consider the stringent mapping standards upheld by NYCDOT and therefore our base maps were accepted by the City on the first submission.

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Arverne Park

Our role in this project was to create a base map for 170 acres including Arverne Park. The site included beach, urban residential and commercial buildings, streets, boardwalks, and parking lots. We used Geomaps International to provide photogrammetric base mapping and a DTM of the site. The Gayron de Bruin team followed filling in data, field verifying features and elevations, surveying subsurface and overhead utilities, and performing property line surveys for all involved properties. We combined our survey work with Geomaps for one comprehensive base map showing all underground and surface conditions.

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Bethpage Black Golf Course US Open Planning

The Gayron de Bruin team was hired to provide topographic surveys of areas where USGA wanted to place the hospitality villages. We used RTK GPS to shoot in the elevations at each proposed tent corner. This helped USGA to determine how they would design their multi-level boardwalks between the tents. We created DTM’s of the fairways which enabled us to provide additional elevation data as tent locations were changed, without having to return to the field for more surveying. As adjustments to the designs were made, we updated maps accordingly. We then staked out the proposed tent location and checked elevations of the temporary structures. We used NY State orthophotos for the base map. All data was delivered as pdf drawings as well as dwg CAD files which USGA imported into their GIS of the course.

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Land Port of Entry Surveys

The US Army Corps of Engineers hired the Gayron de Bruin team to perform boundary and topographic surveys at 5 Land Port of Entry (LPOE) sites at the Canadian border. Two were in New York, two were in Vermont, and one was in New Hampshire. The purpose of these boundary surveys was for the Federal Government to acquire land adjacent to the existing LPOE parcels. In all approximately 60 acres were surveyed along with the surrounding roadways.

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Massapequa State Park (Massapequa Preserve)

Massapequa State Park is a 430 acre preserve in the center of the suburbs. The land was purchased by the City of Brooklyn in the 19th century (before Brooklyn became part of New York City) to serve as a source of pristine drinking water. The land is currently owned partly by Nassau County and partly by the state. Composed mostly of woods with ponds, streams, trails and a bike path, it is surrounded by almost 400 private properties, hundreds of them encroaching by varying degrees into the Preserve. Nassau County has set aside money from their environmental bond act to identify all of the encroachments and "convince" the neighbors to move back outside the property limits.

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SUNY Stony Brook Site Utilities Upgrade

For this project, Gayron de Bruin (GdB) was a subconsultant to Schuyler Engineering. Schuyler proposed a 13,000 linear foot route for a new high temperature hot water main on the campus of Stony Brook University. The GdB team was contracted to map the topography and existing utilities along the proposed route. To do this, we teamed with BL Companies to locate and mark out the utilities.

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The principals and employees at GdB have worked on transportation, environmental, and construction contracts for NYSDOT Regions 10 and 11, the US Army Corps of Engineers, NYC DEP, NYC DOT, NYC DPR, Nassau County, Suffolk County, as well as local Towns and Villages. In the private industry we work for contractors, design professionals, commercial developers and the general public.

Our Certifications:
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